4 bad habits teenagers take part in


We were all teenagers once, for some of us it hasn’t even been that long. The bad habits we took part in as teenagers have regrettably not been easy to break as we reach adulthood and, in some cases, those habits become worse. A few of these habits aren’t so different than the ones we used to partake in, though with the changes in technology it’s apparent that teenagers these days have new bad habits that we as a society should help them unlearn.

Constantly being on phones

Teenagers are not the only ones guilty of this bad habit, though they are the most capable of unlearning it. It’s quite unfortunate that we have all gotten in some form or another, addicted to being on the internet, whether that be on our phones, computers, or televisions. Being on their phones at all times of the day leads to major problems in their brains which are not fully developed yet. Problems such as short attention spans, mood disorders, quality of sleep declines, social withdrawals, and more. 


Teens have recently started vaping. That is the use of e-cigarettes to inhale vaporized nicotine instead of smoking it through burning tobacco. The reason this activity is popular amongst the youth is due to the misinformation in the teen community that vaping is ‘healthier’ than smoking, however, studies have shown that teens who vape are more likely to try smoking regular cigarettes compared to the teens who don’t vape. Another reason for the popularity of vaping by teens is the different flavors that come in the e-cigarettes’ liquid. This liquid is called e-liquid and they come in many compelling flavors and different amounts of nicotine. Despite vaping being a widespread activity among teens, they do not do the required research about the nicotine content in their e-liquids and vape devices. This then leads them to become addicted to nicotine.

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Pulling all-nighters

This is another bad habit we are all guilty of. As much as we can’t help it sometimes, this habit is one we must collectively break. The long and short-term effects of staying up until the early hours of the morning to finish work or study are many. Short-term effects include not being able to concentrate the next day, slow decision-making (and those decisions often are bad ones), and sleep depravity. The long-term effects are, of course, worse. Sleep deprivation varies between long and short-term effects, this all depends on whether you rectify it as soon as possible, though long-term sleep deprivation will lower your quality of life as it correlates to other problems such as weight gain, insomnia, and heart disease. 

Alcohol abuse

This bad habit also should be broken by anyone who partakes in it, however, alcohol abuse among teenagers is especially dangerous. As we mentioned before, the teenage brain is not fully developed as yet, and damage to the brain at this stage leads to terrible consequences.

It’s no secret that teenagers all around the world enjoy alcohol. The laws in place to help prevent teen alcohol use do little to actually stop it from happening. So, for this bad habit stopping teens from doing it isn’t what needs to be done. Instead, teenagers need to be fully educated on the dangers of alcohol and how to engage in alcohol use safely and not abuse it.

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